We have many years of experience working with clients obtaining tax relief under the Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS) since its inception in 1994.

We have particular expertise in obtaining advance approval of EIS schemes from HMRC, incorporating a variety of structures in order to maximise the risk/reward for investors whilst obtaining tax relief and can work alongside your existing accountant where necessary.

EIS relief is often a very important consideration for potential investors in a company. They want to see that the company has obtained advanced clearance/approval from HMRC, to confirm that they will benefit from the tax relief under EIS on their investment.

We have advised several companies on the detailed structure of proposed investments, in order to suit the needs of the various investors, some of whom will play a more active role in the company than others.

Our detailed knowledge of EIS relief has enabled us to provide various companies with additional ideas and selling points that they have been able to use in persuading investors to invest in their company.

We also have extensive experience of completing and submitting the necessary paperwork to HMRC in order to obtain the EIS certificates which investors need for their tax returns. We have also helped a number of investors optimise their tax relief position by ensuring that the EIS claims are done in the most tax-efficient manner for their personal situation.

For more detail on how we would work to help you, contact Martin Dunne and Lauren Pulling.

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