Supporting your IT systems

Here at Sayers Butterworth we have a dedicated IT department specialising in network setups, installations and ongoing support for our clients..

Our IT Advisory Manager David Green is highly experienced in computer networking and server environments, having been a Microsoft qualified engineer since 2000. He helps clients by visiting for a free initial consultation, making recommendations for improvements or enhancements to computer systems and then implementing these as required.

Clients typically place great importance on the security of their systems and need to know that proper procedures are in place should the worst happen. David can structure a robust disaster recovery and backup policy so that your data is protected at all times and any downtime minimised. New technologies, coupled with David's extensive knowledge, can ensure that regular snapshots of your network data are always available. You need never worry about losing that important file or being unable to use your e-mail system.

Support is also available for Mac OSX systems, iOS devices and Android handsets and tablets.

Whether you need a bespoke solution or are thinking of an upgrade to your current system, why not get in touch with David and see if he can help. We are able to purchase any required hardware from our suppliers and pass this on to you at cost. In addition, we are very experienced in maintaining e-mail systems, either onsite or via Office 365 integration.

For more detail on how we would work to help you, contact David Green and Paul Ffitch.

Here’s who will help you...
David Green
David Green
IT Advisory Manager
Paul Ffitch
Paul Ffitch
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