Outsourcing your payroll

Payroll is becoming an increasingly complicated business. The complex regulatory environment makes it more and more difficult for organisations to manage their payroll processes effectively.

Before you decide how best to operate your payroll administration, you may need answers to the following:

  • How much does it cost to recruit and train a payroll resource?
  • How will you stay up to date with the constantly changing requirements in taxation, national insurance and employment legislation?
  • What software and systems will you run?
  • Do you have hardware and software cover for technical problems?
  • Who will assume the various and ultimate responsibilities?
  • Do you have cover should personnel involved in payroll take holidays, fall ill or leave the organisation?
  • Are you using the best package available - and does it provide all relevant reports?
  • Do your staff know enough about payroll to ensure that it's correct?
  • Is confidentiality important to you?
  • Have you considered the full cost of processing in-house?

Our payroll department is managed by a team of specialists who will provide a friendly and personal service for both large and small companies, tailored to meet each client's individual requirements. Here at Sayers Butterworth LLP, we essentially take responsibility for clients' payrolls so they can focus on their own core activities and reduce the risks associated with running the payroll themselves.

For more detail on how we would work to help you, contact Martin Dunne.

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Martin Dunne
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