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We appreciate that establishing a business can be one of the most exciting and also challenging enterprises that you will ever face. There’s a huge amount of written guidance and literature available, but in our view, nothing beats working interactively with someone who shares your commitment and enthusiasm but also brings experience and an independent, investor’s-eye view.

We work with early stage businesses that want to turn their vision into a successful and vibrant business with the potential to grow and create significant wealth for you and the team around you.

We will help you get up and running with fit for purpose accounting, tax and banking structures and help you obtain the generous tax breaks and grants that can available. In addition, we will challenge and enhance your business model and provide you with valuable business connections hence increasing your chances of success.

There’s a huge range of sources of investment becoming available ranging from borrowing, angel investment and crowdfunding. At the right time we will help you present your business to attract investment and recommend the right people to approach.

We have helped one of the UK’s largest property websites since its start-up phase in 2007. Our partners have also advised Ella’s Kitchen, one of the most successful UK start-ups of the past 10 years.

Our ongoing programme of workshops in conjunction with Start Up Direct gives government-backed early-stage businesses the opportunity to sample our expertise and we are now working with a number of these businesses to help them through their next stage of growth.


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