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We recognise that your business is unique and we adapt all our accountancy, tax and advisory services accordingly. We believe that by listening closely to your requirements and understanding your situation we can tailor a first-class and cost-effective service to your specific needs.

In stark contrast to many accountants, we don't pigeon-hole your business and try to force a rigid solution or range of services upon you. We thrive on the variety and flexibility brought by recognising that each client or business is different.

Regardless of what you ask us to do for your business, you can be sure we will assist you in getting the best results by focusing on your future and developing the most appropriate solutions.

Areas in which we can offer specific advice and assistance include:

  • Business start-up
  • Planning and growth
  • Share options, EIS and R&D
  • Share valuations and reorganisations
  • Corporate finance and exit strategies
  • Accounts, auditing and taxation
  • Management accounts and budgets

For more detail on how we would work to help you, contact Andrew Burch and Martin Dunne.

Here’s who will help you...
Andrew Burch
Andrew Burch
Martin Dunne
Martin Dunne
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